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8th Grade Promotion - May 21, 2015: 

High Frontier honored the 8th grade class' completion of junior high school. Four students celebrated completing 8th Grade with a Promotion Ceremony and Reception on May 22, 2015.

8th Grade Graduation - May 21, 2015

From left: Becky Farrer, Principal, acknowledging promotions; Dale Parker, handing out promotion certificates; Jacque Bow, speaker

Senior Trip:
Twelve graduating seniors had a fabulous senior trip to Balmorhea State Park. The students enjoyed swimming, basketball, frisbee and a delicious bar-b-que lunch. The day provided a wonderful opportunity for the students enjoy each other's company and the area before many of them left for internships, college and home.

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Dr. Richard Dangel
Dr. Richard Dangel
2015 Graduation Speaker