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Our child arrived at The High Frontier after we had explored every other avenue we could imagine. Our son was in an ever expanding downward spiral that had gone beyond our abilities as parents to help him, as well as all of the local professionals and schools. We embarked on an exhaustive search for what a residential program was and which one was right for our situation. What we found worried us. Many places seemed too focused on solutions that seemed short-term, or on amenities meant to help parents stay in their comfort zone rather than help their child get out of theirs. We knew that we had limited time to help our son get back on track before he became an adult and sought an environment for him that was honest and substantial. Of course we had to make a leap of faith, but we are glad we did. We found the emphasis at The High Frontier was on the ultimate goal of having their students leave equipped with the coping skills and strategies necessary for life out in the world, but also possessing the internal confidence and desire needed to forge their own path. Our son is now more of who he really was; an individual who is focused, resilient, and a caring human being. Our hardest decision turned out to be our best decision! - B.G.


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