The High Frontier provides an extensive student activities and recreation program. These activities include hiking, camping, cycling, weightlifting, aerobics and swimming. Our campus also has fields and courts for baseball, indoor and outdoor basketball, volleyball and track.


Additionally, volunteer services to the local community are an integral part of the PPC philosophy. The program maintains an on-going activity calendar through the summer months, with a focus on intensifying treatment and group development through high levels of community service, work projects, and specialized activities. These service-oriented activities help students develop treatment goals of cooperation and altruism, along with developing civic-mindedness.


Several local entities, including the local Girl Scout camp, Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute, and the local Humane Society reach out to us for students to aid them in various projects. The students are highly involved with the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce and support the Chamber during one of their largest annual events, “The Coolest Fourth of July in Texas.” Students have also assisted the local minor league baseball team, The Alpine Cowboys, by doing a trash pickup of their parking lot. We are a small town of less than 1500 people and the students enjoy these grassroots activities and gain a sense of pride in helping these groups accomplish these volunteer tasks.


On site the students are enlisted in on-going beautification projects. Students gain life skills as they build rock retaining walls, paint their houses, maintain a garden and tend to the needs of the horses.

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