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The High Frontier Art Program believes that all individuals have a creative spirit and that creativity can foster learning on many levels. Our program is in part focused on the creative process experienced as a group collaborative. Through group projects, executed in a variety of media, students not only learn how to express themselves as individuals, but learn how that expression relates to others and to the world in which they live.

Working with a group on a specific project affords the opportunity to learn a particular artistic process. Mirroring the masters, professional artists that lead the program emphasize technical excellence and careful craftsmanship. The technical skills learned while working with the group can then be used to create more individual work; art that explores more personal subjects, or perhaps work given to formal investigation of a particular medium or technique. Our focus on the collaborative artistic process leaves time for students to communicate on an individual level and to explore their own creative, imaginative ideas.

By participating in the Art Program, students learn to cooperate with others, think and problem solve in multiple ways, find meaning in their own as well as other’s work, and learn about the role of art in our society and other cultures. Some of the mediums students have the opportunity to explore are ceramic sculpture and tile making, assemblage sculpture and site-specific installation using natural materials, concrete sculpture, painting, drawing and printmaking. The Art Program also engages students on a periodic basis with visiting artists from the community as well as encouraging participation in community arts events in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Finally, by challenging students to participate in the creative give and take of collaborative art projects, we are integrating the creative process into the PPC model. The spirit of cooperation necessary to reach a common goal serves to strengthen the group, enhance the emergence of a positive peer culture and model behavior with connections to good citizenship, life and work.

The Art program is accredited and integrated into our school curriculum.

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The art program, at The High Frontier, has been one of the most beneficial parts of the academic program for me. Through creative, innovative projects such as, “I See The Light” where we used our own interpretation of this phrase to create our personal art pieces. Other projects include analyzing and studying different angled ‘Still Lives’ that got our brains working in different ways and viewing things in new perspectives. These projects, that promote personal exploration, have helped me with more than my artistic abilities. The class itself is fun and upbeat, as well as therapeutic. The therapy aspect has a lot to do with the work of the project themselves and how it helps with expression, but much of this also has to do with the art teacher, Ms. Nicole. The input she provides is helpful with our sketches and paintings, and she has helped me personally with a lot more than just my art. She has helped by teaching me patience and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. Her help extends even to the point of care and concern for not just me, but my group as well. This art class has helped me in numerous ways, such as learning and mastering how to watercolor or practice respect towards my peers and instructors. I can honestly say that it is not just a common classroom with a common teacher. - F.N.