Our child arrived at The High Frontier after we had explored every other avenue we could imagine. Our son was in an ever expanding downward spiral that had gone beyond our abilities as parents to help him, as well as all of the local professionals and schools. We embarked on an exhaustive search for what a residential program was and which one was right for our situation. What we found worried us. Many places seemed too focused on solutions that seemed short-term, or on amenities meant to help parents stay in their comfort zone rather than help their child get out of theirs. We knew that we had limited time to help our son get back on track before he became an adult and sought an environment for him that was honest and substantial. Of course we had to make a leap of faith, but we are glad we did. We found the emphasis at The High Frontier was on the ultimate goal of having their students leave equipped with the coping skills and strategies necessary for life out in the world, but also possessing the internal confidence and desire needed to forge their own path. Our son is now more of who he really was; an individual who is focused, resilient, and a caring human being. Our hardest decision turned out to be our best decision! - B.G.


Sending our son to High Frontier – it was a very hard day when our son entered The High Frontier. As sad as I was to see our family pulled apart, we were already stretched thin emotionally and knew that we could no longer keep him safely home. I did finally sleep better knowing he was in a safe place working within a positive peer climate. Change came slowly at first --- personal responsibility took on greater meaning; disappointments & failures happened under a safe and supportive environment. The result is our son has matured into a kind, responsible young man who has learned the skills he needs to move forward in the world. - A.D.


The art program at The High Frontier has been one of the most beneficial parts of the academic program for me. Through creative, innovative projects such as, “I See The Light” where we used our own interpretation of this phrase to create our personal art pieces. Other projects include analyzing and studying different angled ‘Still Lives’ that got our brains working in different ways and viewing things in new perspectives. These projects that promote personal exploration have helped me with more than my artistic abilities. The class itself is fun and upbeat, as well as therapeutic. The therapy aspect has a lot to do with the work of the project themselves and how it helps with expression, but much of this also has to do with the art teacher, Ms. Nicole. The input she provides is helpful with our sketches and paintings, and she has helped me personally with a lot more than just my art. She has helped by teaching me patience and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. Her help extends even to the point of care and concern for not just me, but my group as well. This art class has helped me in numerous ways, such as learning and mastering how to watercolor or practice respect towards my peers and instructors. I can honestly say that it is not just a common classroom with a common teacher.  -  F.N., Student


The day I arrived at the High Frontier was the best day of my life so far. I had struggled significantly in my life back home, and I truly needed the opportunity to fix my grades and my life. The High Frontier provided me with the perfect platform to turn my life around. I entered the High Frontier having done poorly in school my whole life, through lacking of trying, not lack of ability. I began my schooling at the High Frontier with about a 2.7 GPA and over only 16 months, I graduated with a GPA of 3.4! I even gained the opportunity to take 2 college courses, allowing me to boost my high school GPA farther, and get college credit! Upon leaving HF, I decided to delay college for 10 months to participate in a program called FEMA Corps where I travel to natural disasters and assist communities with rebuilding from them. The life skills that I learned at HF have prepared me for life so well, and I believe I have a solid footing in the world. - W.G., Former Student


Both of my daughters went through the High Frontier.  It probably saved their lives.  The treatment philosophy, the staff, and the setting were all conducive to achieving the best possible results.  You may be struggling with the decision to send your son or daughter; I wish you the best in making your decision. - B.W., Parent


Meeting H’s group of peers was fantastic. These young men presented themselves so professionally. They all introduced themselves.  and made me feel welcome. When I brought H back last night, they were walking across the grounds and stopped to say hello to me and to ask about the visit. They were all genuinely pleased and proud of H for making the visit so successful. It speaks volumes to the culture here that young men would praise a peer for being respectful of his mother. I could tell how happy they were for him that the visit went well. - Parent


I can always count on The High Frontier to help my students and to help their families. The PPC problems list is so clear to everyone that there is no mystery about how progress is going and when a student is ready to move on because they have moved along to solving their problems. The power of the Positive Peer Culture is amazing. The school can accommodate all kinds of learners from those without confidence or skills to those who are very, very bright and capable of high achievement. I really appreciate the individualized, practical and clinical attention each of my students get. - Pam Jobin, Education Consultant


As many parents would attest, the decision to send a child to a residential treatment boarding school is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions to have to make. I am so grateful to my educational consultant for recommending placement of my 15 year old daughter at The High Frontier. Most times, these placements are made in the midst of a crisis situation and the entire staff at the school was extremely accommodating on a last minute basis.
The Positive Peer Culture environment was extremely effective in empowering the students to help themselves and their group. It was such a relief to know that my child was in a safe place so the rest of our family could piece ourselves back together while she worked on her problems, and in turn, we could work on strengthening our family relationships in anticipation of her return.

My daughter’s group therapist leader was an incredible source of strength and support during this time of upheaval in our lives. My daughter has been home now for over 6 months and has shown a great deal of maturity and respect for family relationships with both her parents and her siblings. We have heard her on the phone with a lot of her friends who have gone down the wrong path and she is providing them good, sound advice, using a lot of the techniques she learned from the Positive Peer Culture environment. Things are far from perfect, but they are so much better for her and her family from her experience at The High Frontier.

Parents should also keep in mind, that in looking for schools that provide this type of treatment, nothing is perfect, but in the environment that The High Frontier that provides, most children will recognize mistakes their past mistakes, appreciate their family more and develop the maturity, using the tools that they were taught at this school to make better decisions for their future. The rest is up to them. - L.B., Parent


High Frontier gave our daughter the structure and skills she needed to turn her life around.  We are proud to report that she just graduated from college and is now ready to face the world with her experience at High Frontier as a strong anchor for her future challenges. - L.M.,  Parent


Yes, I want to thank all of you as well for your help with B. B has been my son for 10 years now and out of all the school programs and facilities he has been in, your team and program at The High Frontier has been the most honest, professional and supportive of B and I, even more than you can imagine. I truly appreciate all you have done. - Parent


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