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The decision to place a child in a residential program is a complicated one. For most, it comes after a great deal of emotional pain and stress for all members of the family. Usually it is seen as the last chance to help a troubled child get back on track, and is fraught with feelings of despair and hopelessness.

Many of the young people that come our way have encountered significant trauma and have been involved in traditional psychological treatment for a number of years. Some may have multiple diagnoses and have encountered other therapeutic placements. Some see the child as a list of diagnostic labels, one after the other identifying what is wrong, but never seeing anything improve. All of the families have one thing in common, a love for their children, and a wish to see a brighter future.

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The High Frontier gave my daughter the opportunity to reclaim her life. She learned invaluable coping skills that have helped her to achieve her full potential. We will be forever grateful to the staff and teachers.